By exchanging your voucher for the specified photoshoot, you agree to abide by the following terms.

  1. Gift Vouchers may only be redeemed in exchange for the package printed on the front of the Gift Voucher.
  2. Gift Vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash.
  3. Gift Vouchers are not refundable in part or whole.
  4. Gift Vouchers contain an expiration date, the Gift Voucher can be used at any time up to this date. After this date has passed the Gift Voucher will be invalid.
  5. Glenn Taylor Photography is under no obligation to accept a Gift Voucher that has expired. In certain circumstances we may accept a Gift Voucher that has expired but that is at the sole discretion of Glenn Taylor Photography.
  6. Gift Vouchers should be treated as cash, Glenn Taylor Photography accept no liability for lost, stolen or damaged Gift Vouchers.
  7. Glenn Taylor Photography will only accept use of the Gift Voucher upon presentation of the original Gift Voucher. Copies will not be accepted.
  8. Glenn Taylor Photography reserves the right to amend the Gift Voucher Terms & Conditions at any time and take appropriate action, including the cancellation of the Gift Voucher if it deems such action necessary. This does not affect your legal rights.
  9. Gift Vouchers cannot be traded for Gift Vouchers.
  10. Glenn Taylor Photography maintains full intellectual property rights to all images produced during the Gift Voucher photography session.
  11. Usage of the Gift Voucher serves as a model release. This grants Glenn Taylor Photography the right to use all images and footage without restriction for advertising, portfolios, and other lawful purposes. The Clients waive the right to inspect any images produced using the images or footage from the events in this contract, and the right to restrict the use of the images or footage from the listed events by Glenn Taylor Photography.The client can, however, enjoy the right to opt out of the above agreement by informing Glenn Taylor Photography in advance of the Gift Voucher session and paying an exclusion fee of £15.00.
  12. Usage of the Gift Voucher signals your acceptance that Glenn Taylor Photography cannot guarantee certain poses during the photography session. Additionally, you may not hold Glenn Taylor Photography liable for compromised or poor quality images due to lack of cooperation by image subjects or environmental issues, such as poor event lighting, space, or backdrops.