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Wedding Photography

There's no event quite like a wedding, from the moment the vows are exchanged through to the drunken antics of the evening reception - they are special days that live on long in the memory of those that attend. Our job at Glenn Taylor Photography is to help you record those memories and cherish them for eternity. Take a look at some of our previous happy clients:


One of the most special moments in your baby’s early years, and of course one that you will cherish forever. I can help you hold on to those memories forever by documenting your day.

Portrait Photography

Whilst it's common to see portraits of families, children and pets in studio settings, I prefer to head outdoors with my kit to capture families and their pets enjoying themselves in a more natural setting.

Parties & Celebrations

Celebrating a big milestone? Huge office party? Why not get me involved? I can help capture those moments to share over and over again.

Street & Event

Nothing beats a trip out with my camera, capturing locals going about their day-to-day activities, here are a few of my favourites.

Landscape Photography

My first true love in the world of photography. I spent numerous years honing my skills as a landscape photographer when travelling the UK - in my spare time, I still love nothing more than bagging up my gear and heading out in search of the perfect landscape photo.

Travel Photography

When the opportunity presents its self, I love nothing more than hopping on a plane and disappearing to warmer climes. Travel photography presents unique opportunities and images that could never be captured within travelling distance from home. From the culture, to the people - I love to document it all.