Fun, relaxed photography

With a long history of landscape, architecture and street photography, our photography is heavily inspired by colours, patterns and depth. We believe our approach is fun, yet relaxed. We love what we do, and we want you to love spending time with us whilst we capture your special moments.

We mix traditional photography techniques with a modern approach to capture unique memories that are designed to last a lifetime. We aim to capture your day from the perspective of another guest, this way we can provide images that are true to the event and showcase the liveliness, colourfulness and impact of such important moments.

The best events aren’t perfect, and we appreciate that. We have ideas for moments that aren’t perfect. Raining? Grab an umbrella, we’re heading out.

We look for moments that might be missed. Dad shed his first tear since 1963? We’ve got you covered. Uncle got the perfect dance routine? We’re on it. Bridesmaids nailing the cha-cha slide? You bet we’re capturing that. If it’s fun, or it’s embarrassing, or it’s emotional we want those moments for your gallery.

Ultimately, our main aim is to make sure you’re as relaxed and as comfortable with us as possible. We want you to treat us like we’re a lifelong friend, a lifelong friend who is there to record your most precious moments. I’m there to make you laugh, I’m there to remind you that your day is meant to be enjoyed and I’m there to make sure you come away with some of the most beautiful images your mind can think of.