Over the weekend I got the opportunity to spend some time with Hannah and James for their wedding at Burnby Hall registry office, followed by a walk through the outstanding Burnby Hall Gardens. The choice of location was determined by previous visits after the birth of their children – and what a worthwhile decision it was.

Hannah walks down the aisle

Burnby Hall is a lovely little registry office, perfect for small weddings where your close friends and family can really feel part of the day.

Stunning wood panelling is a standard feature of Burnby Hall

Whilst the registry office is a great location for a wedding, the real highlight are the gardens next door. Burnby Hall Gardens are home to the UK’s national collection of hardy water lillies which make for a wonderful feature within the ponds. The park covers 8 acres and contains a number of beautiful settings – perfect for any dream wedding.

Just one of the many stunning settings for a family portrait

Whilst I could continue describing the many features of the beautiful gardens, I feel it’s best you take a look at some of the stunning photographs from the day.

Looking for a wedding location near Hull? Why not consider Burnby Gardens for a perfect wedding and photographs.