We know just how stressful a wedding can be to plan, and there is nobody better to give you the advice you need to help you plan your day as stress-free as possible. Here are a few of our favourite tips from us and a select few friends to help you make the best of your wedding day and the run-up to your wedding day.

Delegate tasks to those that you trust

When planning a wedding, it soon becomes apparent how many different elements there are to create the perfect day. For example you may need any number of the following; printers (wedding invites, table place cards, name cards, menu, order of service, seating plan), venue dressers, photographer, cake maker, DJ, band etc… It’s important to have a support network you can use to help you with your day and the build up to your day, for example asking one of the bridesmaids to be in charge of obtaining the right music for you, finding a good designer to produce the various elements that need to be printed, best man to arrange the stag do, bridesmaids to arrange the hen do etc…  It’s important to enjoy the day and the preparations and not give yourself too much to do.

If you have children and / or pets, plan their care well ahead of the day

Whilst we’re not advocating you palm off your children to relatives, the nature of a wedding day means you physically cannot be available at all times to look after them. This is where grandma and grandad come into the equation. Ask ahead of time to find out who would be prepared to step in and ensure they are dressed, fed and have everything they need to enjoy the day in their own way. If you are the owner of a pet, be that a dog, cat, chameleon, rat, scorpion or any other – ensure you have found someone early that can care for them. For example, if you have a dog it may be worth asking one of your siblings to take them to the kennels for a couple of nights.

We’re particularly knowledgeable on this topic being the parents to a 5 week old on our wedding day and having a dog and gecko at home.

Ensure you take everything in

It’s a tired old cliche but blink and you will miss it. Wedding days are fast paced, one of our top recommendations is to slow down and enjoy it as soon enough you will be waking up the morning after wondering if it really happened. On the run up to our wedding, everybody we spoke to told us the same thing – that it goes quickly – and boy were they right. We hired a band (shout out here to Crazy Horses, https://www.crazyhorsesmusic.co.uk/ who are an utterly fantastic wedding band) to play two one-hour sets during our evening reception – throughout the entirety of their performance I was talking to friends and colleagues – it was only once they had finished and they came over to speak to me did I realise it was over and I’d missed the lot.

Be selective with your guest list

One of the most difficult parts of preparing for a wedding is deciding who you want to share your special day with. This is one of those bits of planning where family members and friends may try persuade you to invite certain people. One of the major considerations here is cost, for every person who attends your cost may increase. For example, the majority of hotel weddings charge for a meal per head – inviting someone you wouldn’t want around also means you’re spending on them. The key takeaway here is, if you don’t want somebody at your wedding, don’t invite them. You may live to regret the decision.

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