Lanzarote, one of the Canary Islands is famous for a number of things, including its year-round warm weather. One thing that doesn’t come to mind when thinking of the island is photography. Speak to any photographer about travel photography and the chances are they will immediately think of much more tropical locations to spend their time photographing, however, look beyond the tourist areas and the shops and you will find an extremely beautiful photogenic island.

From the moment I arrived my camera was in hand, capturing anything from food and local wildlife to markets.

One of the local traders enjoying a hard-earned cigarette

The Canary Islands are famed for their pristine white buildings, stunning beaches and rugged landscapes. Being a father and husband first, and photographer second means I did spend more time in tourist areas than off the beaten track – however, just outside the tourist traps are old towns and historic architecture. As it’s 2019, these are now intertwined with modern marinas, restaurants and culture.

Puerto del Carmen harbour is a stunning location for any photographer

As a photographer it’s our role to find the extraordinary from the ordinary, whilst most people will have visited a beach – arriving at said beach just prior to sunset changes the scene entirely. Foreground elements can really improve an image, in the following image the circle of rocks really stood out for me and in what was a moment of luck I also captured a man running towards the sea.

Even tourist hot-spots can be stunning locations with the correct lighting

As with any tourist location, food is plentiful. From local seafood restaurants through to Irish bars, you can find almost anything on the island. Food isn’t an area I’ve spent much time exploring but I couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to photograph some of the beautiful dishes we ate – primarily Italian. Handy tip: When staying in Puerto del Carmen, check out Pizzeria Capri – the food is outstanding and the staff are wonderful. One member of staff surprised us by remembering us from our trip two years prior.

Just one of the tasty meals we had at Pizzeria Capri

The most fulfilling moment of our trip came from an interaction with some of the local wildlife. I’m extremely passionate about animals and wildlife, even though they are considered a pest in places I’ve always watched the local Parakeets flying from tree to tree in awe at their beautiful green feathers. One day we were very fortunate to have a Parakeet join us on our balcony and even take and eat food from our hand.

Our Parakeet friend

There isn’t anything else I can really say about how much I enjoyed our trip to Lanzarote, for any photographer – hobbyist or professional – I thoroughly recommend a trip to this beautiful little island and of course – don’t forget your camera.

Check out some of my photos from our trip: