Glenn Taylor Photography is a joint venture between man and wife Glenn & Hayley Taylor. With two entirely separate skill sets we have the knowledge and ability to execute photoshoots with great planning and understanding. Glenn is our photographer and is the person all of our clients get to spend their time with. Hayley is the brains behind the operation, with expertise in law, accounting, promotional and event planning. Hayley is there to ensure only the best of equipment is available for events and of course to ensure that the business runs smoothly behind the scenes to help us provide the absolute best service money can buy.

Glenn Taylor Photography was nothing more than a dream for a number of years, a dream that realised its self on a holiday to Greece in 2018. During that family holiday Glenn had the opportunity to photograph a large proportion of a friend’s wedding, photographs which were very well received despite minimal experience in the field of event photography. In the weeks following we put our plan in to action, acquiring upgraded equipment and producing marketing materials.

As website developer, Glenn has always had his head amongst the latest and greatest technology. He first acquired a DSLR camera in 2007 after a number of years toying with ‘point & shoot’ and ‘bridge’ cameras. Prior to getting in to the event photography space he spent the majority of his photography time out in the most scenic landscapes the UK and in particular, Yorkshire has to offer.

Fast forward to present day and he has photographed numerous weddings, christenings / baptisms, portraits, corporate events and much more for many satisfied clients. Glenn’s passion continues to grow daily and who knows, you may even bump in to him on one of his many photography trips.