About Glenn Taylor Photography

I first picked up a camera around ten years ago - I've never looked back since. The sense of amazement you get when you capture a potentially once in a lifetime image is indescribable, the sense of satisfaction is out of this world.

I've always been interested in technology, being a professional website developer for over ten years has seen me design, build and maintain websites for a large number of clients across countless industries. The profession did nothing more than increase my desire to pick up a camera - and being technology savvy lent its self perfectly to the complicated machines that are modern SLR cameras.

Starting my own photography business has been a dream for a few years, a dream that realised its self on a holiday to Greece in 2018. I spent a number of hours photographing a family friend's wedding and was complimented greatly for the photographs taken - this led to a discussion between myself and my wife Hayley about how we can make this dream a reality, fast forward to 2019 and I've photographed weddings, christenings, portraits and more for many satisfied clients and my passion continues to grow daily.

Meet the team



Chief Photographer

Glenn is the main man when it comes to the photography side of the business, without Glenn the business would just be called 'Photography' and that wouldn't make much sense.

Glenn can often be found wandering through small towns and villages armed with nothing but his camera, several lenses and snacks - because everybody loves snacks.



Chief Marketer & Accountant

The brains behind the operation, Hayley is in charge of everything that requires education to function - i.e. accounting, promotional planning, event planning and more.

Hayley is key to the success of the operation, denying Glenn access to unnecessary gadgets and ensuring only the best of equipment is available when necessary.



Head of Product Testing & Quality Assurance

Zachary can often be found pulling similar faces to the above as he's once again placed in front of Glenn's camera and posed in the most adorable outfits he owns.

With nearly a full year experience, nobody comes close to matching his superior knowledge of poses, cute clothes and ability to sit still. Which has absolutely nothing to do with the fact he cannot walk or crawl, honest.